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After many years of experience in the beauty field, we have come together as a team to offer the best possible nail care services to our clients and to provide healthy working environment to our greatest asset, our staff.  Elan Nail Spa is dedicated in helping you experience tranquility and enhancing your natural beauty with high level of comfort and peace of mind.  We are proud to announce that Elan Nail Spa is committed to offer non-toxic, organic, and biodegradable products while our facility is built to the latest stringent IMC 2015 codes that the city has just implemented in 2017.


Conveniently located on a corner suite of Family Video complex with a huge parking lot, with easy access from both Alta Vista and Timberland, your experience with us will be pleasant from the get go. Once inside, you can entrust yourselves to our caring, experienced, professionally trained technicians who will treat you like royalty. 


Cleanliness is our top priority.  We implement standard procedure for sanitary to ensure you will enjoy your visit with peace of mind.  We utilize single-use bowl liner. Disposable items like pumice stone, emory file, and buffer are disposed after one use, while metal instruments are sterilized by medical grade autoclave.  Our salon is equipped with state of the art “Source Capture” ventilation system compliant to IMC 2015 which requires all manicure and pedicure stations to capture the fumes right at the source, not on the ceiling or on the wall several feet away.  This will warranty the highest air quality for everyone inside, clients and staff alike. To prevent slip and fall, we installed our floor with non-slip porcelain tiles to ensure everyone will walk in and out safely. For your best comfort, we invested generously on high end luxury spa chairs that are loaded with convenience features, made in U.S.A, certified to ANSI/UL safety standards.  A double check valve is installed on each of the hand spray to prevent cross contamination. These are simple and honest facts just to let you know that we care.

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