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Welcome to Elan Nail Spa where you can truly enjoy exquisite cosmetic treatments, nail care and skin care services with peace of mind in a relaxing setting.

Here at Elan Nail Spa, we only procure the finest cosmetic products from respectable brands such as OPI, Essie, Dr. Jeff, Tammy Taylor, Cuccio, Gigi, CND, SNS, Nexgen Nails and more.

We promote a culture of grace and respect, worker wellness, and equal opportunity which are the seeds of our exemplary customer care. Cleanliness is our way of life. Following strict sanitation procedure is our quality requirement, not a selling point and absolutely no shortcut for it.

Our store is equipped with source capture ventilation system to effectively remove fume and odor right at the source, not on the ceiling or on the wall several feet away.  This will ensure fresh, clean air quality for everyone.  To eliminate the chance of cross contamination lest the hand sprayer accidentally dropped into the soiled water, each of our advanced pedicure chair is equipped with a double check valve on the hand sprayer.  This feature together with single use bowl liner will completely eliminate the possibility of cross contamination.

With all that said, straight facts and no gimmicks, we look forward to serving you soon at Elan Nail Spa.

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